We are the pen shop of only manufacturer making ebonite in Japan. 

[Eboya shop]


Our pens are made with our ebonite. Making our pens requires many craftsmen and cares about subtle changes in the condition of materials, temperature, tools, etc through many procedures. 

 [Appearance of NIKKO EBONITE mfg. co., ltd.]

[Natural rubber]


[Mixed with sulfur]

The main raw material of Ebonite is natural rubber. That features luxurious and moist touch. Because of it, many fountain pen enthusiasts in the world adore ebonite fountain pens. 

One of the uniqueness that our fountain pens offer is fun to choose your favorite one from variety of collection in the combination of the styles, body diameters, colors and nib sizes.


[Nibs : 14 K gold nibs]

We would like to make all our customers "SMILE" every day, every moment in your daily lives with our ebonite.

That is Eboya.

Please enjoy our writing instruments made by our professional craftsmen from choosing materials to adjustment of pen nibs, and delivered to you by us.