Tips for enjoying Eboya fountain pens for a long time


<When you go out with a pen> Vibration causes ink leakage from the pen filled with ink. Keep the tips up such as in a bag, so that you may avoid Ink leaks.

<In case you leave it not in use for a while> Remove the neck shaft, then the ink cartridge (or converter). Thoroughly wash the ink with water before storing. Wipe the ebonite parts with a soft cloth from time to time, so that you may prevent dullness of ebonite.

<When changing ink colors / inks from other manufacturers> Remove the neck shaft, then thoroughly wash the ink with water before using new ink colors or new inks from other manufacturers.

Be sure that pigment inks cannot be used with our fountain pens.

<Cartridge / Converter standard> International Standard type fits our fountain pens.

<As to Dullness and discoloration of Ebonite> It is enjoyable to watch how much the ebonite get the change on its color as time by. Discoloration and less glossiness are characters of ebonite.

To keep pens glossy, use your pen usually and keep pen from direct sunlight and humidity. Be sure to store pens in the dark place. We recommend cleaning pens with soft clothes.

To get the gloss back, clean and polish the surface well with gold / silver polishing cloth. (roughness: gold polishing cloth < silver polishing cloth.) Or ask us polishing your pens (paid service.)