• tan-pen (YELLOWGREEN)
  • tan-pen (YELLOWGREEN)
  • tan-pen (YELLOWGREEN)
  • tan-pen (YELLOWGREEN)
  • tan-pen (YELLOWGREEN)
  • tan-pen (YELLOWGREEN)




"tan-pen" means "a short pen."

It's very good with a planner. Easy to carry and fun to use!

   Let us know your favorite pen point in the note:

      Fine/Medium Fine/Medium. 

Beautiful color variations that are inspired by crayons.

A small nib makes it  easy to write tiny details, as well as Kanji having many strokes.

The posted length is 131mm. It's small but comfortable.

It can be used with a short cartridge of international standard type, not with a long cartridge or a converter. 

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JPY 31,200

Ink filling system

Short cartridge only

(International standard type)


14K gold, Peter Bock #5

Closed length

97 mm


12 mm



Pen point

Fine / Medium Fine / Medium


Body: Ebonite, Nib: 14K gold, Pen socket and Ink feeder : ABS

<Fountain Pens of Ebonite>
Touch of ebonite is good to hands, so that you will never get tired for long writing. Pens are med of our original color marbled ebonite, hand made by our craftsman. Thus, each pen has their own texture, never same as others. 
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Delivery time

about 6 months.


Credit cards OK.